Practice Areas

The firm is competent, skilled and experienced in a number of areas including litigation and appeals, medical malpractice, education law, health care law, workers’ compensation, insurance defense, and employment law.

Litigation and Appeals

The law firm of Burbidge & White offers full-service legal representation for every step of the legal process. The firm has extensive experience in the courtroom litigating cases in a variety of areas of legal practice, as well as alternative dispute resolutions including mediation and arbitration. In addition to experienced trial attorneys, the firm’s attorneys have been involved in numerous successful appeals to the Utah Court of Appeals and the Utah Supreme Court, as well as in federal courts including the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. Burbidge & White will help with your legal needs every step of the way.

courthouseMedical Malpractice

The attorneys of Burbidge & White have extensive experience in the area of medical malpractice litigation, having assisted health care providers in defending and resolving such claims for many years. The firm provides representation in such matters at all stages of the judicial process, from prelitigation hearings through district court proceedings and to the appellate courts, as well as in private arbitration proceedings. The types of cases handled by the attorneys of Burbidge & White covers the full spectrum of medical malpractice, including, among others, cases involving alleged birth injury, retained objects, medication errors, failure to diagnose cancer, malfunctioning medical devices, emergency room care, and post-surgical care. The firm has also represented health care clients regarding non-medical tort claims such as premises liability slip-and-fall cases. The attorneys are supported in this practice area by two registered nurses who provide further health care expertise and serve as liaisons with retained medical experts. The attorneys of the firm have extensive experience in developing new legal theories and litigation strategies to assist our health care clients in achieving successful outcomes.

Health Care Law

Burbidge & White has an extended history of involvement in the area of health care law. While the firm’s health care practice has predominantly been and remains the defense of medical malpractice claims, the firm also advises health care clients with regard to preventing liability, improving policies and procedures, conforming with regulatory requirements, following proper health information privacy practices, and understanding the effect of judicial decisions and legislation affecting health care providers.

capitol2Insurance Defense

The law firm of Burbidge & White is frequently called upon to defend companies in claims of general insurance defense. As part of its insurance defense practice, Burbidge & White has a strong reputation in aggressively defending claims ranging from premises liability to hazardous material exposure.

Education Law

As part of its education law practice, Burbidge & White represents boards of education, school board associations, school districts, and higher education institutions throughout Utah. The firm provides legal advice on all issues pertaining to schools including federal and state laws pertaining specifically to education. Also, the firm’s attorneys counsel and assist school boards in implementing and keeping current their board policies and in fulfilling their board duties. The attorneys work closely with school administrations in effectively directing the affairs of the school districts and educational institutions. Issues on which the firm commonly provides legal assistance include real property, contracts, procurement, employment and employee relations, student discipline, special education compliance, civil rights, and constitutional rights. In addition to having represented clients in state and federal courts, the attorneys have extensive experience in resolving matters through alternative dispute resolution and in dealing with various federal and state administrative agencies.

Employment Law

The law firm of Burbidge & White has extensive experience advising and representing its clients in the field of employment law. The firm provides legal advice on employment issues including federal and state laws pertaining specifically to employer and employee relations. Whether advising individual employees of their rights or defending employers against alleged improper employment actions, the attorneys at Burbidge and White provide prompt, responsive and dependable service.

capitol1Workers’ Compensation

The law firm of Burbidge & White regularly defends national and local companies and governmental entities in workers’ compensation claims. The firm’s extensive experience in the related areas of employment law and health care defense helps provide additional knowledge and background to effectively defend all aspects of workers’ compensation claims including claims for permanent total, permanent partial or temporary total disability or disputes as to whether an alleged accident arose out of and in the course of employment. Given the fast moving timeline for workers’ compensations claims, Burbidge & White is experienced in providing prompt, responsive and effective representation.

Personal Injury

Burbidge & White has obtained numerous successful outcomes on behalf of injured parties. Although the firm does not represent injured parties in medical malpractice cases, when representing injured parties the firm’s extensive expertise and experience in defending claims provides an additional aid in evaluating and analyzing claims, including proper expert assessment of the extent of damages and injuries inflicted upon an injured person. The attorneys of Burbidge & White have extensive experience in applying appropriate legal theories in obtaining relief and securing compensation (including seven-figure settlements) from those responsible for causing harm.